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Agricultural & Construction tires require quality, durability, and versatility for handling the wide variety of AG/Construction tire applications. For these reasons, Carlisle is proud to present its Proven Front and Implement product line. We make available both Triple & Quad rib Fronts, Industrial Fronts, Implements in both regular & Highway speed designs, also tube type & tubeless constructions.
Farm Specialist Tires F1
Farm tire F1 price & specifications.
  Farm Tires Specialist F3
Farm tire F3 price & specifications.
Farm Specialist F1 Download the FI tire catalog in .PDF format.   Farm Specialist F3 Download the F3 tire catalog.
Farm Specialist Tires F-2 / F-2M
Farm tire F2 cost & specifications.
  Farm Specialist Tires HF-1/I1
Farm tire HF1 cost & specifications.
Farm Specialist F-2 / F-2M Download the F-2M tire catalog in .PDF format.   Farm Specialist HF-1/I1 Download the HF-1 / I-1 tire catalog.


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